Adventures of Flat Beth!

double beth
Bethzilla with flat beth

duck tape
The 1002nd use for duck tape

Ask Glo how many towels you need to take a shower

getting gas
All Gassed Up!
or we can change that SELF to ELF and put Pat's photo from the home page there!

Hops Bar and Brewery

pool our pool

our view
The view from our room

no clue
Got no clue what we're going for here.
Maybe just showing she's on her last leg?
or to put on top of "Hops?"

beth in bed
Waking up for the "complimentary" breakfast

waiting for coffee beth
I'm ready for my coffee now

Bethzilla after the last show

front view
Heading home with buckle up beth

glo's view
Glo's view of RR and BuckleUp Beth heading home