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Guitarist/producer/songwriter NEIL!!! Giraldo has had as much to do with the success of
his wife, Pat Benatar, as the singer herself.
"I consider myself very fortunate.  I couldn't be any happier in life.  I love
everything about it.  I love my family, and I love my music."
The Cleveland-born Giraldo was playing keyboards and guitar with Rick Derringer before
he met his future musical partner and wife.  "Chrysalis had just signed Pat, and she was
looking for a musical director, and they heard about me through Derringer.  It's funny,
because I was writing songs throughout the time I was with Derringer, but they didn't fit his
style.  So when Pat and I met, we definitely felt something musically-as well as
personal attraction."

Music Connection May-June '91

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I've been a fan of Pat Benatar and NEIL!!! since 1979, when I first heard "I Need A
Lover" on the radio.  A little while after that, I got my first glimpse of NEIL!!! on
American Bandstand and Don Kirshner's Rock Concert.  OH YEAH!  It's been almost 20 years
since then, and like fine Strawberry Wine- check him out now!
NEIL!!! does a lot more than just look good and play the Gui-Tar!  He's also producer,
songwriter, and musical arranger.  In addition to Gui-Tars, he plays keyboards,
percussion, and harmonica (blues harp!)- and provides background vocals in concert! And
he surfs too!  But his most important role is father to Haley and Hana, and husband to
Take a walk through the Kitchen and see what you can cook up!  If you've got anything to
add, please send an e-mail.  (HINT- I love NEIL!!! photos!)
Check out the Pat Benatar Fan Club for the latest on Pat and NEIL!!!  (They just added a
couple of concert dates in California, released a Live CD, 8-15-80, and re-released the
"Live In New Haven" concert video.)

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