NEIL!!! GIRALDO Fan Gallery!

Photos and stories from fans of NEIL!!! SPYDER JAMES GIRALDO HIMSELF!

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This page is devoted to a collection of NEIL!!! photos taken by members of the Pat Benatar Fan Club.

The logo above was sent in by Mike and Lisa Branch.  Rumor has it that they
have some great NEIL!!! photos!  Judging from the photo in the logo- 
I'd say they DO!  Thanks, Mike and Lisa (BabySimone)!


"Taste of Newport" photos Lorrie and Bill Murphy! Thanks, Lorrie and Bill!
Photos of Lorrie meeting Pat and NEIL!!!, and their review of the Taste of Newport show are at Pictures of A Gone World

During their '98 Summer Tour, NEIL!!!, Pat, and the Benatar Band made a stop at Sparta NJ's McNeice Theater on July 14th. And they blew the roof off the joint! Some of the highlights of the evening were captured by Pat Benatar Fan Club member Frank Carey. Thanks, Frank!

NEIL!!! and Pat perform "Papa's Roses!"

These NEIL!!! photos were taken by Everet Regal (Thanks, Ev!) in Cape Cod, July 15-16, 1998. Visit Ev's website for tons more Pat Benatar and NEIL!!! GIRALDO photos!

These NEIL!!! shots were taken in Las Vegas, 8/7/98
1998 Kelly and Scott Price (Thanks, Price Gang!).
The Prices have started their own website, Pictures of A Gone World

They have 2 children, Zach and Kelsey, who are also huge fans of NEIL!!! and Pat Benatar.
In the middle photo, Pat is actually noticing Kelsey and her cool signs! One said "I love Pat Benatar" and the "O" in "Love" was a rose. The other sign said "I love Neil Giraldo" and the "O" was a guitar pick.

NEIL!!! with lucky 8-year-old Kelsey Price, Vegas 8/98
1998 Kelly and Scott Price

More NEIL!!! photos, taken June 17, 1997 in Bristow, Virginia
1997 Andy Rice (Thanks, Andy!).

These NEIL!!! photos were taken by Beth Michaels at Tramps in New York on the Fall '97 Tour. Thanks, Bee!

Anne Marie O'Benatar sent in some great photos of NEIL!!!

Anne Marie's family Christmas Card!

NEIL!!!, Pat, and Mick in Martha's Vineyard '97!

NEIL!!! (and Pat!) at Tower Records, signing for LifeBeat in '93!

NEIL!!! and Anne Marie, backstage at in Cohasset Mass '98!

Thanks so much for sharing, Anne Marie!

NEIL!!! GIRALDO with a few of his fans
Great Woods MA 6/27/97
NEIL!!! and Lucky Me!
The Orbit Room, Grand Rapids Michigan 07/22/96

NEIL!!! (and Pat) Stories!

I noticed you wrote something about "cooking it up" in Spyder's Soul
Kitchen East (I'm not quoting exactly, but you know what I mean!)  ANYWAY, I
was the one who called "Rockline" in 1988 and asked if Spyder's Soul Kitchen
was the name of the studio attached to their house! ( I knew damn well that
it was, but I needed a question!) Pat told me it was, and I asked if their
was a story behind that name, and she said, "It's where we cook it up!"

I was crying hysterically (Yes, I am The Crying Girl! I think Neil actually
gave me that name...), and one of the first things I said was "Oh my God -
I'm so nervous!", to which Pat replied: (AND I QUOTE!!!)  "Don't be
nervous!"  I know you were asking what our favorite Pat quotes were, and
that's mine! I hear her voice in my head whenever I'm nervous or afraid of

Congrats on your website - you should be very proud!
Anne Marie
Hey RR, I have a Neil! story if you would like to put it on your site. Nov. '97 at the HOB in New Orleans. The band was playing Heartbreaker and I was in front row center(my favorite spot)Neil squatted right in front of me and broke out into that long solo, and did not move until he finished!! :-D I do believe that was one of the greatest moments of my life. They should have filmed it. It Would have made a phenomenal video. :-) Not only that but he kept waving at me and saying Hi the whole time. What a man! I was thrilled for weeks after. Lesley(cool-l)

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