mary at the mike
"Okay, people. When you see me smiling like this,
it means I'm coming over to kick your DUMBASS!"

joe and mary
"This file is for the people who signed up for the meetngreet only.
Don't worry. They will NOT be allowed in next year."

rose, mary, mark
"Rose, I don't know what you're smoking--but I may need some later."

"...and I'm telling Mom all I drank was Apple Juice!"

mary, judy
"Judy, do you think some of that organization will rub off on me?"

tropico cover
"This was the original cover for Tropico, but Pat thought it made her look too tall."

balloon line gif

Happy Birthday, Mary!

Thanks for all you've done for the fan club,
and for being such a great friend!

Hope you and your Mom have a safe trip.
There should be a package waiting for you when you get back.

Take good care!
Rockin' Robin