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5 favorite Pat songs

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The results so far:

5) Looking For A Stranger
4) Too Little Too Late
3) Love Is A Battlefield
2) Hit Me With Your Best Shot
1) Shadows of The Night

1. Battlefield
2. Promises
3. Heartbreaker
4. You Better Run
5. Sex As A Weapon

Non hits:
1. Lift 'Em On Up
2. I'm Gonna Follow You
3. It's a Tuff Life
4. I'll Do It
5. If You Think You Know How to Love Me

O.K. So that's more than 5. I'm cheating.
-Paul S. Bryan" (

1- We live for love. - can you say high octave!
2- Rise. - Neil's (NOTE FROM RR: It's spelled NEIL!!!) guitar is fantastic, lyrics kick ass, vocal mix is amazing.
"Ya gotta know that the power of love is real!"
3- Red Vision. - for those really pissed off times. Gotta love the drums!!!!
4- Purgatory. - great message, very sophisticated, great Latin flair don'cha think! - Base beat sounds like a heartbeat.
5- Painted Desert - just because it's beautiful.

Special love: the entire Crimes of Passion album! ''cuz that's what made the lady famous, and who can't help themselves from singing the whole damn thing. (I can't even manage to turn off the CD, and if I do, I'm still singing all the songs)
--aereish (

"Love is a Battlefield" - Probably due to my age when this song was released, that rebellious age that fit so well with the video and song. And the fact that my mom played it over and over, actually doing that little shoulder shimmy Pat does in the video. Great memory!!

"We Belong" - Just an absolutely beautiful song sung by an absolutely beautiful woman.

"Invincible" - Another one from the teenage years. This song always made me feel like Pat knew what it was all about!

"Promises in the Dark" - Just because I've heard so many!! :)

"Hell is For Children" - I have my reasons.

Have a beautiful day all. :)


RR's choices:
1. TRUE LOVE -- LIVE, of course!
Uh, make that the whole blues set, including SAF Blues!

2. IN THESE TIMES -- the LIVE acoustic version!

3. ONLY YOU -- LIVE again!

4. LITTLE PARADISE -- LIVE, liked to hear NEIL!!! do that one again!

5. PAPA's ROSES -- LIVE, with NEIL!!! singing and plucking along!

Are you sure I can only do five?


1. Shadows of the Night
2. La Bel Age
3. Taking it back
4. Wide Awake in Dreamland
5. Invincible

Mike Neff

1 Run Between the Raindrops (helped me thru a very difficult time in my life)
2 Kingdom Key (love the lyrics)
3 Promises in the Dark (just a great song!!)
4 Don't let it show (love the vocals)
5 Don't walk Away (great vocals, and lyrics)

Well, I guess those are my favorites..... it's soooooooo hard to pick just five!!

Can't wait for Vegas!! I'm counting the hours!!

"Petty, Syndee" (Spetty@SSTINTL.COM)

True Love
Im gonna follow you
--"Whitmore" (