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Pat and NEIL!!!
On 20 Rockin' Years!
from all of us at

From: Kim Montanez <>
Subject: 20th Anniversary Congratulations

Congratulations Pat and Neil on 20 Rockin' Years. I have been listening
to you for all 20 of them and enjoyed every minute of it. Looking
forward to 20 more. Keep rockin' and please come to Houston, Texas
during your tour this year.

Kim Montanez

From: tim <>
Subject: 20th anniversary:

Dear pat and neil,
I have been a long time fan and love your music.
20 years in the business and you music is still fresh and sounds great.
I hope the next 20 years are filled with love and success.
I can't wait to see you live.
Give all my love to your family. Happy 20th anniversary and God bless.
THANKS for your time,
patfan tim.
Tim Dixson.

Subject: 20th anniversary note

Pat and Neil,

Congratulations on 20 years of making people happy!!! It's hard to believe
that I could be so taken by one artist that after 20 years I still find all
the music inspiring and uplifting! There are times when I am searching for
something to help me get through a tough time or help me find new ways to
look at a difficult emotional situation and I find it so often in your music.
Other times a particular song with reach right in a grab me when I least
expect it, and put a wonderful memory or thought into my mind. Thank you both
for all the inspiration and pleasure you have given me for 20 years. Your
music just keeps getting better and better. I love you both.

Everet D Regal (
Phoenix, NY

From: Karla Hicok <>
Subject: Message for 20th anniv card

Pat & Neil,
Congrats on 20 years of great music. You have been an inspiration in my
life and have gotten me through many tough times. Thanks for continuing
to make music and here's to several more years!!!
Happy Anniversary,
Karla Hicok

From: deborah de <>
Subject: My only dream


Listen your incredible voice in the same place than I am, is My only
dream. I can?t belive how afterwards I see you in Las Vegas. Thank you
for fill in the empty space in my heart... my lonely moments, my happy
moments. My moments inlove. Thank you Pat for make happy a person who
you don?t know. Thank you for teach me english too. I love you forever.

...Yes, you are my english teacher. And Neil my guitar teacher (I?m a
bad schoolgirl)

From: "Amy R. Rut" <>
Subject: Happy 20!


There are no words that could ever thank you enough for all that you've
done and continue to do. Your music is an awesome gift that embraces many
hearts and empowers many lives throughout the world. Though you may be
unaware of it, you've touched many lives, brought together many friends
and have, for 20 years shared your talent and part of yourself with us
all. From the deepest part of my heart I'd like to say thank you for all
that you do. You're one in a million!

I wish both of you continued success and happiness in life. Don't stop

Peace and Love, Amy Rut, Lincoln, NE

From: aereish <>
Subject: FW: [benatar] Benatar Anniversary Messages

20 years ago I stole my sisters Pat Benatar record.
20 years later she's still waiting for it back!
20 years of fabulous and fantastic music.
Thank you.
Happy Anniversary!
Love the Blues! Rise, Purgatory, Painted Desert!
Love and Light,
Angela Reish - San Jose Ca. & Boise Idaho.

From: Martti <>


Thanks Pat and Neil for your fabulous music. Good Luck with the
Box Set, summer tour and the up-coming album.


From: David Owings <>
Subject: Pat and My Life

Pat I want to thank you for 20 years of lovely Music I first saw you in your
Hit me with your Best Shot and I fell in Love with you and your music like
any 15 year old kid could. Your music has shaped my life and made me the
man I am today.

From: (Scott McQuillen)

Congratulations Pat and Neil on 20 years of good, quality
entertainment.Your music has touched so many of us and made a sometimes
difficult world a more enjoyable place to live. In a world of music that
is filled with musicians who often feel they are "too good for their
fans", you are there for us and I think that is absolutely awesome! Keep
up the great work and thank you for not being afraid to grow
artistically.I feel that change is necessary for the longevity of an
artist,especially in a world of music today that is mostly filled with
one hit wonders.Most of all,thank you for being truly unique and not
letting record companies cramp your creativity. All my love and respect
to you and your family and best of luck on a continuing,successful
career and much happiness to both of you.
Respectfully Yours,
Scott McQuillen

From: smothers <>
Subject: 20th anniversary message

Pat & Neil,
Thank-you! Those are two small words that when put
them together they mean so much. I know that you have touched so many
lives and brought forth happiness to so many people, yet you still seem
so down to earth. I really admire you for all you have done both as
parents (always putting your children first) and as musicians (making
time for your fans) I have loved your music for 20 years and plan to
continue to do so. My best friend went to see you live in 1991 and
although that particular concert was cancelled it was because of it that
we are married today. We are raising our three boys to know and love
your music. You truly are the picture of "True Love". You always show us
how much you love what you do and in turn we are so honored to support
you in your music in any way we can. So please keep rocking for as long
as you can and we will keep attending concerts for as long as we can.
Thanks so much for all you have done for me and the many other fans you
have earned throughout your career.
A fan for life,
Tracy Smothers

Subject: 20th anniversary

Dear Pat and Neil,

Congratulations on your 20th anniversary in the music biz, and all
your synchronistic wanderings through it !!! I know I have enjoyed being
wide awake in dreamland with you through this precious time ... right from
living for love in the heat of the night, all the way down to the river of
love with Innamorata (and beyond ......
I'm gonna follow you! )
Only you could still have us all fired up in these times, with your
wonderful music, great concerts, and most of all your TRUE LOVE ! Thanks
for the good life,
..... I Feel Lucky, Bruce Verlato

From: "Whitmore" <>
Subject: Grateful

Happy 20 years Pat and Neil :

I have enjoyed growing up with your music and now both my kids are
enjoying the same. Your music is timeless! Thank you for being
wonderful songwriters and music makers. It is a joy to see that people
can "make it" in the music world without losing what really matters
most--Love and Respect! Gratefully yours,
Michele Whitmore and Family

From: Tony Mondaro <>
Subject: Anniversary Message

Pat & Neil....

Thank You for many years of Great Music and the best of luck.

Donna & Tony Mondaro
Harrison, New Jersey

From: "The Heisers" <>
Subject: [benatar] Benatar Anniversary Message

Congratulations Pat and Neil on 20 years of awesome rock-n-roll! My
husband and I have been rockin' to you guys since the beginning and
have enjoyed every minute of it! Thanks for sharing your incredible
talents with us and giving us the best music there is! Best of luck
with the Box Set and the new album (can't wait!!!) Keep on


Karen Heiser (aka "Red")

From: "Frank Carey" <>
Subject: 20 Fantastic Years in the Business for Pat and Neil

Pat and Neil,
Thanks for all the great music and memories you have given us over the last
20 years. You have never compromised your beliefs and principles while
continuing to record music that you truly wanted to do no matter what anyone
else ever thought. It is nice to see that most of your music had survived
the test of time and can still be enjoyed many years after it was initially
recorded. Thanks for all you have done for your fans. As a fan I think it is
nice to be acknowleged by the musicians who have given so much meaning and
pleasure to your lives through their music.
You deserve nothing but success and happiness in whatever you choose to do.
Best wishes for your future and thanks for continuing to tour and show
everyone that it's fun to rock and roll.

Love you guys,

Frank Carey

Subject: 20 years!

Wow, 20 years, where did they time go? Seems like just yesterday I was
belting out your songs in my room as a teenager! Actually I still do belt
them out - my friends call me "Pat Benatar". You've been a great idol for me
and now for my 2 daughters. We love you Pat, Happy 20th Anniversary!!!
Kelly and Dan Spingola

From: "Timothy J. Eaton" <>
Subject: 20th anniversary

Dear Robin,
If you could include my brief message, I would appreciate it.
Thanks alot!

Dear Pat and Neil,
You are my heroes, and always will be. Your music shaped my life and helped
me to be who I am today, and I am so grateful to you both.

I cannot believe it's been 20 years since I first heard "Heartbreaker" at
Laces Roller Rink in Herricks, L.I. And now, 2 decades later, your music is
still a constant, delightful surprise and comfort.

I wish you all the love and good fortune in the world! Keep smilin' and
please, please, keep on rockin'!!

Timothy J. Eaton

From: (Sandy)
Subject: Happy 20th Anniversary!!!!!!!

Pat and Neil,
Thank you! So much for all of the great tunes over the years and for the "awesome live shows" ! I love and admire you both I've been a fan for all of the 20 years and will be forever,I admire you for always doing what you believe in and not what others want you to do. Neil you are the "best" no one can play the way you do from the heart! and you make look so easy, WOW! I can't believe it's been that long, but I'll always support you and your music any way I can! Pat you have given me so much happiness with your music,you have such a "beautiful voice"! and Thank you! also for making "True Love" I loved it!!!!! I'm always so proud to let other people know that my very first concert was seeing you performing "live" that's something I'll never forget! I still remember getting chills when you walked out on stage I was 16years old then during the "Precious Time" tour ,Pat I wish you and Neil all the "best" and I want to wish you both a very Happy 20th Anniversary! "Good Luck"! with this summers tour I'll see you when you get to Jersey,and "best" of luck with the new label and the upcoming boxset release and the release of the new cd early next year! Love Ya!

You are the "BEST"!!!!!

A fan forever!!!!


From: "Michael & Marlene" <>
Subject: Has it really been TWENTY years?

Each of your songs carries a memory for me. You are truly amazing. =20
May your incredible music continue to touch many lives for twenty more =
years. =20
Thanks for completing the chapters of my childhood!

Marlene Mitchell
Washington State

From: "Judy" <>
Subject: CONGRATS!!!!!!

Pat and Neil,
Twenty years ago, I swiped :~) my sister's ITHOTN 8-track and discovered Pat
Benatar.........I was nine years old and found a fortune!!!!!!!!

CONGRATULATIONS on 20 years in music and THANK YOU for 20 years of beautiful
- Judy Carreiro (Rhode Island)

From: "Miguel E. Bennasar A." <>
Subject: Anniversary Message

What a wonderful couple of decades because of you !... thanks for sharing with us such great talent... I am sure there are plenty of more years to come !!... HAPPY ANNIVERSARY !!...

Miguel Bennasar (Dominican Republic)

From: (Michael Gaytan)
Subject: 20 year of rocking and rolling

The time: 17 years ago. The place: The Forum in Los Angeles. My sister made me go to a concert with her. "But mom I don't want to go" But little did I know that I'd never be the same again. It was that "Promises In The Dark" that did it for me. Precious Time was the first record I ever bought. I've listened to it at least a thousand times. Then you out did yourself with "True Love", now I've listened to that one even more. Pat, I wish you and your family only the best and never, ever stop touring. Like I always say, "Until you see her live, you can never experience the true effect of her voice" Take care and god bless.

From: "tim" <>
Subject: Happy anniversary

Happy anniversary Pat and Neil I love your music and hope that you'll be rockin us for another twenty years to come.

Tim LaMora Your True Love fan on the Oregon coast

From: (Sandy Boward)

Dear Pat and Neil,

First off, I would like to congratulate you both on 20 years in the music industry. You both have put alot of hard work and dedication into your career,and you should be very proud of yourselves.

I, like many of your fans,have been a follower of you for the entire 20 years. It all started when I heard my sister playing the album ITHOTN and I heard the song "Don't Let It Show". From that moment on,I was hooked!! That particular song I have adopted as my "theme song" and has gotten me thru so many difficult times in my life,and still holds true to this day. So many of your songs have had a major impact in my life that it almost seems as if you're writing ABOUT my life.

No words could ever begin to express the gratitude that I have for you and your music. All I can say is that with my whole heart I THANK YOU !! Everything you have done is VERY much appreciated!

I wish you both much continued success and happiness ! I hope you will always follow your heart and do what's best for you. YOU'RE ALL THAT MATTERS !!

Happy 20th Anniversary,Pat and Neil !!

With much love and gratitude,

Sandy Boward

From: BPDorsher <>
Subject: 20th Anniversary

Pat & Neil,

Congratulations on 20 years of making great music and for taking us all along for the ride!

Your music has touched my life in many ways over these 20 years, through the good and bad, you've been there for me. Thank you Pat, thank you Neil, for the great pleasure and inspiration you have given through your music. I wish you continued success. Cheers to 20 more years!

Brion Dorsher

Subject: 20 years of Music

Dear Pat and Neil,

Thank You, for 20 years of great music that has warmed our hearts, inspired us in life, and brought us pleasure for all these years.

It will be wounderful to see you in concert again, and an Honor to meet you in Las Vegas.

Congratulations on 20 years of Rockin' , and I wish you all the best with your Family, Box Set, and New Album.

Wally Dwulat (Florida)

Subject: aniv page

Hey Patty & Neil : )

Happy 20th Anniversary!!! Thanks for all the memories and all the happiness you have put in my life. Im 21 now so if you want to adopt a son just let me know (he he he).


Subject: Pat and Neil's 20th!

I just want to congratulate Pat and Neil on 20 years of great music!!! Thank
you for "True Love," which has expanded the range of music that I now listen
to, and thank you for all the other music. Here's hoping for another 20
fantastic years where the music keeps getting better and better!

From: "lesley" <>

Congratulations Pat and Neil!! I have been inspired by your music for twenty
years (yes, all twenty). I can't believe its been that long. When I was a
teenager, Pat, your music helped me through a lot of tough times. You taught
me how to be a strong woman and I thank you for that. I also thank you for
never quitting. If you are doing a show anywhere near me I will always make
an effort to be there, even if its twenty years from now! Neil has inspired
me to learn to play guitar and I really enjoy it. Thank you both for being
so original.

Stay Cool,
Lesley in New Orleans

Subject: 20 Yr. Anniversary!

Dear Pat and Neil,

The past 20 years would not be the same without your musical influences in
my life. I have been a great fan from the moment I first heard Heartbreaker
on the sands of Huntington Beach when I was not quite 14 years old. Over
the years I have gone through many trials and tribulations as anyone has.
But,with Neil's awesome music and your beautiful voice It seemed to make
those times a little better. Your music never gets old with me. I always
have at least two of your CD's in my changer. It seems as there is at least
one CD that always fits the mood I am in. I can't say that about any other
artist. That is why I am a Pat Benatar Fan!! Congratulations on your 20
year anniversary. I am very proud to be know as a fan of your music. I
hope we will be congratulating you in another 20 years. Your music is and
will always be, a part of my life.

Thank You,
In Love & Peace

Patrick Conrey
Fan for life

From: Kelly Price <>
Subject: Happy Anniversary!

Dear Pat and Neil,
Congratulations simply are not enough for your accomplishments in the
fickle music business. Most of all, we want to say thank you for
filling our CD player with hours of great tunes and memories. We've
passed our love for your music and live shows to our children who have
in turn shown their friends that there's more to music than Spice Girls
and Backstreet Boys! We salute your creative genius that takes you
down different and exciting paths! Keep on rockin'!

The Price Gang - Kelly, Scott, Zach, and Kelsey

Subject: Sweden calling

HAPPY 20th....

Rock on an' love to see in Europe soon


From: Carol <>
Subject: Thanks

Pat (and Neil), thank you for 20 years of excellent music. I've been
listening the whole time and will continue to do so as long as you keep
putting out albums. (Which I hope will be for many years to come) Keep
on 'rockin'!

Subject: Inspiration

Dear Pat & Neil,

Your music has been an enormous source of inspiration 4 me.
I finally had the privilege of seeing U play last summer in Vancouver, WA.
My friends & I had a blast. What an incredible sound! I will always cherish
the memory of that show.

Thank you so much.
We can't wait 'till the Vegas show!

You're rockin harder than EVER!

Your fan,
Liz Aday

Subject: Happy Anniversary

Pat and Neil,

How do you thank someone who over the last 20 years has opened their
souls to bring some beauitful music into your life? I have only got
to see you once here in Dallas, and I was blown away!!! Congratulations
on reaching this milestone.
Keep Rocking'!!!!!!


Subject: Message for Anniversary Page

I still remember the first time I heard "Heartbreaker" on the radio
twenty years ago. I was standing at my work station in my high school wood
shop class, wood file in hand, and didn't realize that I was totally
mesmerized and awestruck by the song until my teacher yelled, "Severson, quit
staring into space and get to work" I have been absolutely, 100% hooked ever
since. Thank you, Pat and Neil, for the passion and artistry with which you
imbue each piece of your work. Your music, your performances, and your
commitment to one another have inspired and sustained me over the years with
a constancy that has been unwavering. Please accept both my admiration and
appreciation for creating art that has always and will always have the power
to inspire me with joy. Rock on, my friends!

Eric Severson
San Francisco

From: Michael Deatherage <>

Dear Pat and Neil,

Since 12-years-old, when everyone in our family station-wagon erupted in song
as Hit Me with Your Best Shot came on the radio, I've been hooked. I remember
getting your then new album Precious Time as a Christmas gift and hearing Love
is a Battlefield on the radio for the very first time.

Your music and voice made a lasting impression on me. I've enjoyed you since
then and will always.

Happy 20th Anniversary! Rock On - Michael Deatherage

From: "Patrick J. Murray" <>
Subject: 20th anniversity note

Dear Pat&Neil

Congratulations on your 20 years together making great music.I have been
a fan since I was 12 years old and I have enjoyed your music ever since.
Wish you great success with the box set and the new material as well as the
tour.I wish you all the love and care in the future and keep on rocking!!!

Good luck in the future and hope to hearing excellent music for the next
20 years.

A fan forever
Patrick Murray

Sender: Spetty@SSTINTL.COM
From: "Petty, Syndee" <Spetty@SSTINTL.COM>
Subject: 20 years of the best music around!!

Pat and Neil,

How do I find the words to let you know how much you have helped me through
the years? I've been a fan since the beginning, and there is no other music
I listen to more than yours. I have seen you live several times, and every
time has been great!! I truly believe that without your song "Run between
the Raindrops", I wouldn't have made it though one the most difficult times
in my life. Thank you for always being there (thru your music) when I
needed your help to get me though whatever I was going though at the time.
I'm so glad to be a part of this fan club. This is my first Pat Fest, and I
can't wait!! I hope I will get a chance to talk with you both for a minute
or two. I have Neil's autograph from a celebrity softball game in 1990, and
in 1991 when you were doing an interview at KLOS with Bob Coburn, I brought
you balloons. I hope you remember the balloons. I wish you all the best,
and another 20 years of rockin'!! There's a whole generation of people that
don't know a lot about your music. Every chance I get, I tell them all
about you. I'm happy to say that I have helped to create quite a few fans.
If anyone tells me they don't know any of your songs, I show them they are
wrong. Once again, THANK YOU!!!!! I love you both.

Love ya,

Syndee Petty
And Lee Sarnoff (my boyfriend)
P.S. my boyfriend is a huge fan, and will also be at the fest with me. We
both are very excited about our trip to Vegas to see you. We were going to
go to Vegas just for the show, Then I heard about the fest, and knew I had
to be a part of that also. Can't wait!!!

Congratulations on surviving 20 years in the music business and still being able to hold your heads high.

Thanks for all of the great music!

Gloria (Bernard) Sciuto

Pat and Neil-

From "Heartbreaker" to "True Love" to "Strawberry Wine", congratulations on twenty years of great music. All the best for the next twenty!