Our stay in Foxwoods, CT

We always stay at the finest places while touring

junior's bed
Our deluxe accomodations included a hide-away bed

triple modem
better than any bed and breakfast in Salem
there was a triple modem outlet in our bathroom!

and a spacious kitchen to entertain our guests

iron man

The White Horses Take Manhattan

Sheila, with her sassy new haircut, decides she IS Pat Benatar
(that's a toothbrush holder by the way)

kim and her sleeping bag
Kim in her Youth size sleeping bag
The first and last time she gets to use it herself.
It was last seen heading for Baltimore.
(So was Kim.)

homeboy harold
Hey, I gave him 2 hours. Don't blame it on lack of sleep.

AC with the Wildwood Girls!

These photos are all by "Jack Danielle" Severino

wildwood girls with pat
Backstage in AC with Pat, you'll never believe how they got back!

wildwood girls meet GVD
wildwood girls meet GVD
you gotta wonder what the guys thought of that experience!

wildwood girls
JERSEY GIRLS: Vanessa, Joe, Renee, RR, and Danielle wildwood girls
Renee, RR, Danielle, and Jersey Joe (formerly Hollywood Fla Joe) RR and Iron Man
The Wildwood Girls give RR and Mark a lift in their limo
It was only a block to our hotel but how often do you get a free ride in a limo!

wildwood girls limo
saying goodbye, the last words we heard were, "can you stop by a liquor store?"

Back to Danvers!

jdy and nicholas
Judy and Nicholas Bishop visiting us in our home away from home--Danvers!

days inn
Jen, RR, Judy and Nicholas, and Sheila waiting to go to Jumbalayas
Jen is the tourettes lady

the forbidden zone
Deep into the Forbidden Zone of the Danvers DENNY's!

forbidden zone four
How did these guys get into the forbidden zone?

nachos and chicken littles
"they're just like chicken littles, only with beef."

banana split

no more banana split

witch glo
Potions to Go
Or is that Potions by Glo?

Visiting the Bishops in Rhode Island!

newport mailbox junior climbs mailbox
Mailing out our postcards for the advanced copy cd is a lot more difficult than it looks

Our host and hostess Nicholas and Judy serve pancakes!
They were so good, Kim!

on to Boston!

kim arriving
Kim arrives at Logan Aiport

kim and driver Mark
she was greeted by her driver, Mark "Iron Man" Blackiston
Guess where Sheila was? Yeah, asleep in the car--with Kim's sleeping bag

sheila and kim
Breaking into the Mini Bar
calling smokie and goldie
Calling home to talk to the dogs
She even does this when she hasn't been in the mini bar.

sleeping it off
Sheila sent us down to the "complimentary" breakfast so she could get ready.
At least that's what she's supposed to be doing here.

pregnant outie
This seemed so funny in the car.
I guess you have to see the "outie!"
Or the "basic instinct" pose on the bench.

Heading home!

kim at the curb
Kim being kicked to the curb
on the approach to the George Washington Bridge in NY

These are just the photos that I took. Mark, Judy and Rob, Harold and Miguel are took tons of photos on our tour. Can't wait to see those! I guess we'll have to explain the white horse later. Unfortunately, we didn't have a camera that night!