Cora and Adele rockin' around the christmas tree

family photo

"my name is Bill and I'll be your server for the night."

"We're not with them."

"we're only having one!"

"We're getting Air conditioning in our trucks this summer!"

"they said this was my party for making regular."

"we'll just have coffee."

an innocent Christmas toast

special guests Wally kaye and Adele

Bring on the food...

and take our photos before we spill anything

Sue's waiting to be invited to sing

"i can dance fine in these shoes as long as nobody tries to dip me."

I wonder what Sue's whispering to Gina?

Tom Travolta

Tom and the girls having a good time

"monkey and the beaver"

"are you sure we didn't already have our christmas toast?"

"I bet I can dip you, T2!"

enjoying the music

for a minute I thought Mac was asking his wife to dance

Cora was moving around all night, but her hair never did

Defazio and T2 cutting a rug

a couples dance

Gina's here!

A very special Christmas gift to all of us--Adele and Wally

we're a very friendly office

"and I'm still dry!"
imagine what M3 would look like after all that dancing!

"what did I get myself into?"

"good morning, folks!"

"Rockin' Robin", Gina and Defazio

those rockettes got nothing on us

twistin the night away

Cora mistakes Bill for the shoe repairman

The "dip" inspector, Carmine. aka Viagra man.

cute couples

Tony and Marilisa (sorry for the spelling)
She's a keeper!

slow dancing

Adele wanted to dance so bad, she let Tom sing!

and now she's having second thoughts

P. Tommy with his Christmas Rapping

Our wonderful Clerks!
Thanks for all you do!

Special Thanks to Sue for handling the entire party!
And to our musical entertainment, Adele and Wally Kaye.
Does Tom count?
You made our party very special.
And thanks to all who came!

Happy and Healthy Holidays!