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innamorata Pat
January 10-Happy 48th Birthday, Pat!

February 14--Happy Valentine's Day!

February 16--Happy 16th Birthday to Neil and Pat's oldest daughter, Haley!!

February 20--Happy 19th Anniversary, NEIL and PAT!!

March 12--Happy 7th Birthday To Hana, Haley's little sister!

March 17--Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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Click HERE for a full NEIL!!! April Calendar!

April 1--April Fool's Day!
Don't forget to set those clocks ahead!

orleans logo
April 6,7,8--NEIL!!! and Pat perform in Las Vegas, NV

from "The Orleans" website:
Twenty years ago, Pat Benatar began blazing a trail for female rock
stars that broke all the rules. Pat was bold, self-assured
and independent. Songs such as "Love Is A Battlefield," "Hit Me
With Your Best Shot," "We Live For Love" and "Heartbreaker"
became anthems for a new attitude. At the dawn of MTV, Pat was
the image of the female rocker for an entire generation of young
women and the young men who loved them.

Pat was surely the leading female rock vocalist of the 80's. Of
the nine original albums she headlined from 1979 to 1989, six
were certified platinum and three gold. Of the decades 10 Grammy
years, she was nominated for Best Female Rock Performance in
eight of them, winning an unprecedented four consecutive years.

In 1979, Pat debuted with the platinum "In The Heat of the Night"
and both "Heartbreaker" and "We Live For Love" charted in the Top
40. Her next album, "Crimes of Passion" (1980), rocketed to #2,
reached quadruple platinum and included her first Top 10 hit, the
gold certified "Hit Me With Your Best Shot." The album also
spawned the video for "You Better Run" the second ever aired on
MTV. In addition, "Crimes of Passion" copped Pat the first of her
Grammy Awards.

In 1997, Pat's first original album in four years, "Innamorata" was
released. She was also invited to perform that year at the Lilith
Fair, where so many female artists enjoyed the fruits of their
success thanks in part to the seeds planted by the pioneering Benatar.

Now celebrating the 22nd anniversary of the release of her debut
album, Pat has been married for the last 19 of those years to
guitarist, songwriter, producer, collaborator and bandmate Neil Giraldo.

April 9--10 year anniversary of the release of TRUE LOVE!

Easter gif
April 15--Happy Easter!

hmmm....I think I have a cousin with a birthday on April 30th,
but I can't remember who!

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Click HERE for a full NEIL!!! May Calendar!

Pat to appear on FAMILY LAW!
show description from tvguide online:
Monday, May 7: Family Law
60 min.
Randi is devastated when her estranged daughter is killed by her
son-in-law, and she fights for custody of her 2-year-old
granddaughter; Rex defends a music star (Pat Benatar) who
opened a drug-treatment center in her Beverly Hills home against
the objections of her neighbors; Danni learns that one of her
partners wrote a negative letter about her saying that she wasn't
fit to be a foster parent.

video logo
VH1's 100 Greatest Videos: premieres 5/7-5/11
Pat Benatar and other artists comment on the top 100 videos,
including "Love is a Battlefield."

2001 tour logo
May 8--free concert at the Sun Theater in CA, recorded for a live video tourbook!
Preorder the DVD or video HERE!

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May 13--Happy Mother's Day!

memorial day gif
May 28--Memorial Day

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Click HERE for a full NEIL!!! June 2001 Calendar!

behind the music logo
Watch for VH-1's Behind the Music 1981!
THU 6/7 at 11:30pm ET
FRI 6/8 at 12pm ET
SAT 6/9 at 9am ET
SUN 6/17 at 5pm ET
FRI 6/29 at 12pm ET

and the upcoming Behind the Music Special on Pat Benatar!
(debuts August 5th!)

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June 14th--Flag Day

neil jpg#1 dad gif
June 17th--Happy Father's Day!

June 20--Pat and NEIL!!! on ROCKLINE!
radio debut of "GIRL!"

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Happy 4th!
Click HERE for a full NEIL!!! July 2001 Calendar!

2001 tour photo by Mike and Nat jones
July 6--PB & NG SUMMER VACATION 2001 Tour Kicks off!

July 15--Off The Record
tentative date

July 25--WE: Women's Entertainment network begins airing new
installments of it's Cool Women series. Watch for Pat!

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Click HERE for a full NEIL!!! August 2001 Calendar!

fan club
August 2--PB & NG Fest 2001 Kicks off in Philly!

taj ad
August 3--NEIL!!! and Pat play the Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City!

Check the Benatar FanClub Appearance Page for more tour dates!

behind the music logo
August 5--premiere of VH-1's Behind the Music Special on Pat Benatar--and NEIL!!! GIRALDO!

August 9--45,000 fans celebrate the 75th birthday of Pat's Dad in Buffalo!
See story at Buffalo News
Photos available at Benatar Fan Club and Star102.5

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Click HERE for a full NEIL!!! September 2001 Calendar!

labor day gif
September 3--Labor Day &

haley and pat
Haley and Pat in Sept. 3rd issue of People Magazine

us cover
Sept 7--US Weekly magazine on sale; cover story: "80's Ladies" (including Pat)
(Issue date: Sept 17)

Sept 9--Grandparents' Day

Sept 20--NEIL!!! and Pat were to appear on!
That has been postponed until further notice

oct gif
Click HERE for a full NEIL!!! October 2001 Calendar!

The Benatar/Giraldo "Summer Vacation" Live Concert Soundtrack CD
is now available HERE!


concert appearance: Fresno CA

October 12--concert appearance: Biloxi, MS

October 13--bass player Mick Mahan's Birthay!
concert appearance: Tunica, MS

October 18--taping of Lifetime TV's Women Rock! Girls & Guitars

October 26--airing of Lifetime TV's Women Rock! Girls & Guitars

Women Rock! Girls & Guitars is an annual concert,
dedicated to raising awareness of the fight against breast cancer.
Check out Lifetime TV's website for more info

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Click HERE for a full NEIL!!! November 2001 Calendar!

us flag
November 11--Veterans Day

November 12--AllStar Daily News:

Several good-hearted musicians and actors turned out for the Neil Bogart Memorial Fund's annual Bogart Backstage: On Tour for a Cure fundraiser in honor of Recording Industry of America CEO Hilary Rosen in Santa Monica, Calif., on Sunday (Nov. 11). This year's event has raised approximately $1.5 million for the Los Angeles Children's Hospital. While throngs of kids raced around the carnival-like atmosphere, performers included Aaron Carter, Lil' Romeo, Myra and Stacie Orrico, who also indulged in the numerous activities on hand such as basketball, autograph signing booths, rock climbing, and video and audio karaoke. Among the attendees was Pat Benatar and daughter Haley, who is also in a rock band called Glo. Nobody's Angel also signed autograph's for fans, among a slew of WB, Fox, NBC, and UPN network talent. The NBMF specializes in pediatric cancer, AIDS and Leukemia research at Children's Hospital Los Angeles. (Kevin Raub)

November 15--Haley Giraldo selected as Miss Golden Globe!

November 16--USA TODAY prints news of NEIL!!! and Pat's "Christmas In America!"

November 16 & 17--concert appearances: House of Blues, Los Angeles

November 19--article in Rolling Stone!

dharma greg show dharma greg show dharma greg show
November 20--tv appearance: NEIL!!! and Pat are special guests on Dharma and Greg!
"Wish We Weren't Here" On their way to the Bahamas for Thanksgiving, Dharma and Greg get stuck in an airport where, they run into Pat Benatar and her husband/producer/guitarist Neil Giraldo. While Greg spends every moment trying to get them on a flight any flight Dharma transforms the airport into a wedding chapel for a pair of stranded lovebirds. Back in San Francisco, Kitty and Abby squabble over who's in charge of the Thanksgiving dinner while Edward and Larry keep score.

thanksgiving gif
November 22--Happy Thanksgiving!

November 23 & 24--concert appearances: Lake Tahoe, NV

November 30--concert appearance: Palm Springs, CA

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Click HERE for a full NEIL!!! December 2001 Calendar!

christmas in america
December 10-- "Christmas In America" CD arrives in stores!

ktla logo
December 13--Pat and NEIL!!! to perform on KTLA (Calif. AM news show)
show was pre-empted and aired the next day

mark and brian
December 14--Pat and NEIL!!! to perform on Mark and Brian's Christmas show!

WE promo
December 15----"Christmas in America" video scheduled to debut on WE: Women's Entertainment

christmas gif

December 29--Happy 46th Birthday, NEIL!!!

hob promo
December 31--New Year's Eve concert: Anaheim, CA- House of Blues