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behind the music
January 4--VH-1 BEHIND THE MUSIC (12 pm ET)

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January 10-- Happy 49th Birthday, Pat!

January 18--Haley appears on INSIDE EDTION:
Miss Golden Globe
Each year, the Golden Globes
Awards names the daughter of a
star their "Miss Golden Globes."
This year the honoree is Haley
Geraldo, the daughter of pop
star Pat Benatar. INSIDE EDITION
speaks with Haley about her
career ambitions and spend the day
with her as she picks out what
she is going to wear on the big

haley photo by mike jones
Haley Giraldo
Miss Golden Globe 2002
January 20--The Golden Globes on NBC

Press Release

SOURCE: Hollywood Foreign Press Association

Haley Giraldo Selected as 2002 Miss Golden Globe

59th Annual Golden Globe Awards to be Telecast Live On NBC on Sunday, Jan. 20, 2002

HOLLYWOOD--(ENTERTAINMENT WIRE)--Nov. 15, 2001--The Hollywood Foreign Press Association today announced Haley Giraldo as Miss Golden Globe for the 59th Annual Golden Globe Awards to be telecast live on NBC on Sunday, Jan. 20, 2002.

Giraldo is the daughter of singer Pat Benatar and husband producer/guitarist Neil Giraldo. Traditionally, Miss Golden Globe, who assists in the Golden Globes ceremony, is the daughter of a well-known performer.

Born Haley Egeana Giraldo on Feb. 16, 1985, Haley has literally been on the road her entire life. When she was nine months old, she began her touring career by accompanying her parents as they toured around the world.

Having spent her life around the music industry, it was a given that Haley would follow in her parents' footsteps. In 1999 Haley decided to form a band of her own. Aided by Erin Potter and Natasha Diamond, GLO was formed. The band worked with noted choreographer Dan Karaty and recorded cover songs as well as originals.

In the summer of 2000 Haley set out on the road, along with GLO as a supporting act for her parents' tour. The audience response was outstanding. After completing the tour, Haley and GLO returned to the studio to record additional demos. Over the course of that year, GLO continued to hone their craft and began to gain public attention. By the summer of 2001 they were more than ready to hit the road again. As that tour came to an end, offers for GLO began to come in. In September, GLO opened for Smash Mouth at ``The Big One'' (Tucson, Arizona's answer to Los Angeles' ``Wango Tango''). When Haley isn't working on her junior year of high school, she and GLO are working to secure a record contract.


1971 Ann Archer
1972 Pamela Powell
1973 Kelley Miles
1974 Linda Meikle John
1975 Melanie Griffith
1976 Lisa Farringer
1977 Nicole Ericson
1978 Elizabeth Stack
1979 Stephanie Haymes
1980 Kim Karath
1981 Rosanne Katon
1982 Laura Dern
1983 Lori Leonelli & Rhonda Shear
1984 Anita Finch
1985 Lisabeth Shatner
1986 Calista Carradine
1987 Candace Savalas
1988 Gigi Garner
1989 Kyle Aletter
1990 Katharine Kramer
1991 Kaitlin Hopkins
1992 Joely Fisher
1993 Erin Hamilton
1994 Alex Martin
1995 John Clark Gable
1996 Jaime Nicole Dudney & Freddie Prinze Jr.
1997 Kehly Sloane
1998 Clementine Ford
1999 Tori Reid
2000 Liza Huber
2001 Katie Flynn

January 21--Martin Luther King Jr. Day

from the E! Online Blow by Blow of the "Golden Globes:"

Next up, 2001 Globe winner Martin Sheen, pointing out the "successful second-generation actors" in the audience--Bridget Fonda, Angelina Jolie, Kiefer Sutherland "and oh yes, Charlie Sheen."

Why is he mentioning them? To introduce Miss Golden Globe 2002, Haley Giraldo, daughter of '80s rocker Pat Benatar and her husband, guitarist-producer Neil Giraldo. Aside from the long blond locks, there she is, looking very Benatar and hitting everyone with her best shot.

Haley also appears on a Golden Globe segment of INSIDE EDITION

photo from EXTRA!

January 22-from Beth Harris of the Associated Press:
syndicated news columnist
....Helping pass out statuettes was Miss Golden Globe Haley Giraldo,
no stranger to the backstage area of big events.

The 16-year-old daughter of singer Pat Benatar and
guitarist NEIL!!! Giraldo grew up in the music business.
In 1999, she formed her own band called Glo,
which toured with her parents during the summer of 2000
and has opened for pop rockers Smash Mouth.

When she isn't attending high school, Giraldo is trying
to land a recording contract.

Other offspring of well-known performers who have served
as Miss or Mister Golden Globe: Melanie Griffith, Laura Dern,
Joely Fisher, John Clark Gable and Freddie Prinze Jr.

January 23--"Love Is A Battlefield" video on "That 80s Show"

January 25--Pat Benatar and NEIL!!! GIRALDO: SUMMER VACATION
premieres on the Women's Entertainment network Friday Night Concert Series: WE Got the Beat
(first airing 10pm, second at 3 am)

January 29--VH-1's 100 Greatest Artists of Hard Rock
Episode:(#002) 80-61
03:30 pm - 04:30 pm ET

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February 3 (5pm ET) and
February 5 (9pm ET)--VH-1's "DRIVEN" on Shania Twain;
Pat is mentioned as an early influence

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February 4--Congratulations to the curator of LE MUSEUM DE BENATAR,
Harold Bottomley, on your new domain!

February 11--I actually updated the LINKS page!
Removed some of those broken links and added a couple of new.
Got a link to add? Please email me at

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mom's/sheila's tat

haley photo by mike jones
photo by Mike Jones

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NEIL!!! and Pat

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also...release date of ... .

live 2002 soundtrack!

Pat Benatar And Neil Giraldo's LIVE Summer Vacation Tour Soundtrack And DVD Includes Four New Songs, Interviews And More

Gold Circle Entertainment to release Pat Benatar and Neil Giraldo's LIVE Summer Vacation Tour Soundtrack and DVD

Includes Four New Songs, Interviews and More

Los Angeles, CA -- February 26, 2002 -- For the first time in her illustrious career, Pat Benatar and long time collaborator, producer and husband Neil Giraldo, are releasing a live CD and DVD. The CD Live Summer Vacation Soundtrack and the DVD Live Summer Vacation, features a digital video tour book including a 90-minute concert filmed at the Sun Theatre in Anaheim, California. In addition it debuts four new songs ("I Won't," "Girl," "Out Of The Ruins," and "Please Don't Leave Me") as well as previously unrecorded acoustic versions of "We Belong" and Love Is A Battlefield."

Live Summer Vacation DVD also includes special features such as behind the scenes footage and exclusive interviews. Live Summer Vacation Soundtrack CD and DVD will be released on Gold Circle Records March 12, 2002. A US tour will follow this summer.

Benatar is currently participating in an installment of Intimate Portrait for the Lifetime network as well as a new show for Women's Entertainment called Rockin' Moms, which features rock stars and their daughters. Benatar and Giraldo have 2 daughters, Haley 17, and Hana 8.
(press release)

March 13--repeat of VH-1 Behind the Music 12pm ET

March 17--Happy St. Patrick's Day!

March 20--First Day of Spring

vegas ride
Racing for chocolate chicken pot pie?
March 22--Happy Birthday, Sandy!

March 24--Palm Sunday

March 28--Passover

March 29--Good Friday

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March 31--Happy Easter!

women rock group photo
The March issue of Marie Claire magazine has a full-page ad
for the Lifetime/Marie Claire breast cancer benefit, "Women Rock!"


LIFETIME Television and Marie Claire teamed up once again to present the Second Annual WOMEN ROCK! GIRLS & GUITARS, an all-star benefit concert to raise breast cancer awareness and funds for National Alliance of Breast Cancer Organizations (NABCO) and National Breast Cancer Coalition (NBCC). A veritable Who's Who of women--featuring Pat Benatar, Mary J. Blige, Beth Nielsen Chapman, Sheryl Crow, Dixie Chicks, Nelly Furtado, Emmylou Harris and Shea Seger-- took center stage at Wiltern Theater in Los Angeles to call attention to this important cause and for a star-studded jam. While the all-female bill of chart-topping performers were joining forces for a concert of a lifetime, this wasn't the only place htat was rockin'...

Hard Rock Cafe's partnership with LIFETIME Television has been extensive, tireless and generous.
To help raise money for NABCO and NBCC, Hard Rock Cafe created a limited-edition pink guitar lapel pin featuring the "Stop Breast Cancer for Life" heading and the signature breast cancer awareness pink ribbon. Pins are available for purchase at all 39 U.S. Hard Rock Cafes and online at their website For every pin sold, Hard Rock Cafe donates four dollars to our charity partners!
In addition, the Hard Rock Cafe website auctioned ten orange Fender Stratocaster guitars signed by WOMEN ROCK! musicians, with all proceeds from the winning bids going to the two breast cancer organizations.
Many thanks to a great partner for a great cause!

Girls with guitars rocked for the good cause, but we all play a part in promoting awareness about this disease that kills one American woman every 12 minutes. We can make a difference. And thanks to your support, around $100,000 had been raised to date for breast cancer charities through guitar auctions and pin sales!
WOMEN ROCK! It's a celebration of how far we've come in the fight against breast cancer. It's also a reminder of how much further we need to go...

mom squad photo credits:
Photographed by (l to r) Andrea Renault, Ed Geller, Rick Mackler/Globe Photos. Illustrated by Randall Enos.
In the March issue of Rosie magazine, NEIL!!!'s wife gives
parenting advice in a feature called "Mom Squad."
A sample question is available on Rosie's website.

Pat's answers only

My daughter cries and screams whenever I drop her off at child care. It's been going on for nearly six months now, and I don't know what to do. Any ideas?

Oh, I hate it when that happens! When my oldest daughter, Haley, was in preschool, I used to literally peel her fingers off my leg when I said good-bye. She was crying, I was crying. (I still can't smell finger paint without getting anxious.) Separation is very difficult for small children because they can't grasp the concept of time, and they haven't learned that they're not being abandoned forever every time Mom and Dad leave. Try giving your daughter something familiar of yours or her dad's to hold if she's feeling scared. And reassure her that you'll be back. (With older children, you can show them the time on a clock.)

I’m pregnant, and everyone is hounding my husband and me about the sex and name of the baby. How can we tactfully ask friends and relatives to leave us alone?

It’s always amazing to me how bold people are today. They’ll ask you the most personal things about your life or, worse, tell you the most personal things about theirs. By and large, I think most people mean well. However, you have a right to your privacy. Tell them kindly that you and your husband are not planning to find out the sex of the child ahead of time and that you haven’t decided on a name. They should back off.

QUESTION: My husband very rarely disciplines our kids, so I always come off at the “mean one.” How can I get him to step up to the plate?

I too am the “mean one” in our home. It’s a dirty job, but somebody’s got to do it. I don’t think it matters which parent is the bad guy as long as that person is consistent and isn’t undermined by the good guy. It’s very important that your kids see you unified on all fronts. They’ll thank you for it later. (I told my husband, NEIL!!!, that in our next life together, I get to be the fun one.)

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Pat Benatar & Neil Giraldo In Concert - FREEVIEW
FREE to DIRECTV Customers every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in April

April 1--April Fool's Day!

April 7--Daylight Saving Time Begins
Don't forget to set those clocks ahead!

music connection; pat and neil
April 9--Pat and NEIL!!! to appear on Late Late Show with Craig Kilbourne.

April 12 & 13--scheduled concert appearance: LAS VEGAS HILTON

April 22--Earth Day

April 28--scheduled concert appearance: Green Bay, WI

April 30--Uh, nothing comes to mind.

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May 12--Happy Mother's Day!

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May 27--Memorial Day

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June 14th--Flag Day

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June 16th--Happy Father's Day!

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Happy 4th!
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September 2--Labor Day

Sept 8--Grandparents' Day

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October 13--bass player Mick Mahan's Birthay!

October 14--COLUMBUS DAY

October 27--Daylight Saving Time Ends

October 31--Happy Halloween!

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November 11--Veterans Day

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November 28--Happy Thanksgiving!

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December 13--IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!

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December 29--Happy 47th Birthday, NEIL!!!

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December 31--New Year's Eve