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On March 12, 1994 Pat and Neil brought their second daughter into the world,
Hana Juliana Giraldo.

Asbury Park Press 3/27/94
Winning the Battle

She sang that "love is a battlefield," but it looks like Pat Benatar may be more familiar with the playgrounds these days.

The California-based, Grammy-winning pop singer gave birth to 8-pound, 4-ounce Hana Juliana Giraldo on March 12, publicist Kris Ferraro said Friday.

Benatar and her husband, Neil Giraldo, also have a 9-year-old daughter, Haley. Giraldo is Benatar's guitarist and producer.

In January of '95, Pat was a presenter at the American Music Awards

In the summers of '95 and '96, they went out on tour again, doing selections from past recordings and introducing some new songs that would later be part of "INNAMORATA."

neil in 95 pat in 95 neil2 in 95 pat2 in 95
Jones Beach, Long Island 7/28/95



The News-Times Music Reviews (Connecticut)
June 18, 1997

PAT BENATAR ``Innamorata'' CMC International

As fun as Pat Benatar's popular early-'80s records remain on the surface, her original tough act seemed contrived; Benatar's sensitive side always seemed to want to break through.

The dynamic ``Innamorata'' de-emphasizes hard-rock posturing, relying on thoughtful introspection and stripped-down music. It's her most honest album, and it's her best.

There's still room for driving rockers to please the faithful, but Benatar and producer-husband Neil Giraldo allow room for melodic, reflective tunes featuring lyrics that will grab adult listeners. There's the acoustic ``Papa's Roses,'' a gorgeous gem about a woman's new-found resourcefulness; the yearning surf-rocker ``I Don't Want to Be Your Friend'' and relationship-probing ``Strawberry Wine.''

``Innamorata'' finds an experienced artist opening up as never before. Give it a shot.

-Howard Cohen

In August of '97, Pat and NEIL!!! performed 2 dates at Lilith Fair. Pat professed that they were the best 48 hours of her career!

Pat was asked about her impressions and expectations of Lilith Fair at the press conference for her first show, Aug. 19th in Milwaukee.

Pat with a huge grin on her face said "My first impression was that I was so happy. I've waited 20 years for this. I stood there in 1978 in front of a bunch of people who patted me on the head and said 'that's nice' and 'we don't think that can ever happen'. So, for me to be here with all of them (looking at the other artists at the table) I could just cry. It's fantastic. I've heard really great things, I haven't heard any bad things. This is my first day here so I'm here with a lot of enthusiasm and am honoured to be here with all of you - who I know were about five (big laugh) or ten when I was beginning. So, it kinda makes me feel like the grandma which is kind of nice. The important thing is it isn't about divisiveness - that's what I don't see. I see that it's about a celebration of being female not about seperatism or the negative things about being female but about all the good things that we are. Everyone is looking for dirt but I haven't heard any."

This review of her Lilith debut appeared on the Lilith Fair site:

pat benatar just rocked the house! the who's who of lilith fair braved the crowds gathered to watch her set. seen at the side of stage were meredith brooks; amy ray and josh; ash, brian, sean, dean, gavin from sarah's band/crew (and we're sure there were a whole lot more there who we couldn't see); and sarah was most likely there. everyone's been talking about her presence for days. she didn't disappoint anyone either. she's a warm personality and was genuinely happy to be here playing. her excitement was palpable. and the crowd was with her the whole way. she sang 4 songs from her new album. playing guitar for her was her husband neil (sorry, didn't catch the surname), and watching just to the side and singing along to every word was her young daughter. it truly was a family affair.

On Sept. 30, 1997, Pat and Neil were at the Hard Rock Cafe in NY promoting Leading Ladies, a CD compilation from Reader's Digest that benefitted the National Organization of Breast Cancer Organizations. Pat was spokesperson for NABCO for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, October.

Photos �1997 Bee Michaels

Earlier that morning, Pat and Neil performed "Love is a Battlefield," a song Pat chose for the Leading Ladies CD, on the Rosie O'Donnell Show. Pat then told Rosie and her audience about the importance of breast cancer awareness. I won't tell you what they're laughing about!

leadingladies cover

Benatar Named Spokeswoman For Reader's Digest Music's Four-CD
Collection to Benefit the National Alliance of Breast Cancer Organizations

Multi-platinum recording artist and four-time Grammy winner, Pat Benatar has been appointed as spokeswoman for Reader's Digest Music's Leading Ladies, a four-disc boxed set of original top 40 hits from women artists of the '50s, '60s, '70s, '80s, and '90s. A portion of the proceeds from the collection will benefit the National Alliance of Breast Cancer Organizations (NABCO) -- the leading non-profit resource for information and education about breast cancer.

Spanning five decades of emotion, empowerment, comfort and joy, Leading Ladies has united some of the world's best-loved female vocalists in the fight against breast cancer (the disease with which one of every nine women in the United States will be diagnosed). Never before have so many top female artists--crossing a diverse spectrum of musical genres--collaborated on such a timely and vital cause.

With the release set to coincide with National Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October, Leading Ladies features Benatar's "Love is a Battlefield," along with performances from 82 other female singers, including contemporary stars Vanessa Williams and Sheryl Crow, classic artists Linda Rondstadt, Olivia Newton-John and Diana Ross and musical icons Judy Garland, Patsy Cline, Patti Page, Doris Day and even Marilyn Monroe.

As spokeswoman for the fourth, and most ambitious, "Women for Women" music project, Benatar stated, "It is of absolute importance to raise awareness, as that is the crucial first step in raising the breast cancer survival rate. The ability to promote meaningful causes like Leading Ladies and NABCO is the most significant aspect of using one's celebrity status."

Jose Perez, Vice President of Reader's Digest Music, said, "The repertoire of this collection charts women's influence on modern day music -- and reflects the enormous cultural and social changes of the last 40 years," "A cross- section of generations and musical genres, this boxed set includes all-time favorites celebrating life through the power of song."

Amy Langer, NABCO's Executive Director, and herself a breast cancer survivor, said, "We welcome these powerful new partners to the fight against this disease, feared by so many women. With the sponsorship of Reader's Digest Music and the contributions of these fabulous artists, we will reach millions of people with the facts about breast cancer and where they could turn for support."

Leading Ladies will be available by calling 1-800-xxx-xxxx or online at

(NOTE FROM RR: You can still purchase Leading Ladies from Reader's Digest

giraldo promo
October 3, 1997


Multi-platinum rock vocalist Pat Benatar will embark on her first nationwide headlining club tour beginning mid-October (see below for complete itinerary). Benatar and her band, which includes longtime producer/collaborator/guitarist/ husband Neil Giraldo, will be performing many of their legendary hits as well as songs from their recently released Innamorata. Nearly all the material on Innamorata was co-written by Benatar and Giraldo, who also produced the record. The second single from that album, "Papa's Roses," which was inspired by Katherine Dunn's National Book Award-nominated novel, Geek Love (the twisted story of a carnival family), has just gone to radio. "It's a bent interpretation of what love is. The song is about being disconnected," Benatar explains.

1997 has already been a very busy year for Giraldo and Benatar, a four-time Grammy winner with six platinum and four gold albums to her credit. The pair completed a national tour in September, performed two dates as part of this summer's blockbuster Lilith Fair, and Benatar has just been named national spokesperson for Leading Ladies, a four-CD compilation of women vocalists to benefit the National Alliance of Breast Cancer Organizations (NABCO).

Benatar, whose voice Request magazine recently called "simultaneously edgy, soaring and filled with grace," will begin performing nationwide on October 16.





Minneapolis MN
Milwaukee WI
St Louis MO
Chicago IL
Pontiac MI
Ft Wayne IN
Kitchener ONT
Cleveland OH
Scranton PA
Allentown PA
Sea Bright NJ


The Rave
Mississippi Nights
House of Blues
The Odeon




Poughkeepsie NY
New Haven CT
New York NY
Westbury NY
Norfolk VA
Myrtle Beach SC
Miami FL
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New Orleans LA
Ashville NC
Ashville NC
Albuquerque NM
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Toad's Place
Westbury Music Fair
House of Blues
Carefree Theatre
House of Blues
House of Blues
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4th & B
The Joint

. . . . ...... Entertainment

By Wendy Maopolski

Attendance levels at Tuesday night's Pat Benatar concert surpassed even standing-room-only size crowds.

The sold-out show at Tink's Entertainment Complex had patrons lining the stairs, roosting on balconies and even hanging off the mezzanine-level rafters in order to catch a glimpse of the 5foot-tall rock 'n' roll superstar.

And although some complained prior to the concert that the Show had been over-sold, those fans who stuck it out until the end said the performance was well worth any unpleasantness initially suffered.

"They compeletly oversold this venue," said Scranton resident Timothy Klein.

"I can't get a beer and I'm getting pushed and stomped on. I think it's a definite fire hazard."

Two men who drove down from Hawley to watch Benatar perform echoed Klein's sentiments.

"This sucks," said Mike Robertson, who purchased his ticket weeks in advance. "I paid $15 to stand on the stairs.

"You can't even get near the bar let alone see the stage. I have to take their word for it that it's actually Pat Benatar up there," added Robertson's friend, John Frei.

According to Tink's general manager Brian Gibbons, 590 patrons spilled into his bar for the show, some lining up as early as 3 p.m. - more than seven hours before Benatar was scheduled to take the stage.

Those fans' persistence at securing a decent view may have actually contributed to the crowd gridlock, Gibbons said.

Once people are let in and they get a place by the stage, they don't want to move," Gibbons explained.

Benatar, who opened with the 1982 hit single "Shadows of the Night," demonstrated exactly why fans routinely show up in droves.

Surprisingly, "Hit Me With Your Best Shot" did not make it into Benatar's set, although "Hell is for Children," "Love is a Battlefleld," "We Belong," and "Heartbreaker" did.

Even though - things have changed somewhat, since she burst onto the music scene in 1979 - she's married, a little bit older, mom to daughters Haley, 12, and Hana, 3, and has incorporated a Florence-Henderson-like blonde bob in the stead of her trademark brunette razor-punk coif Benatar's voice has remained com letely unchanged. As lier octaves soared and her arias dove, the vocal acrobatics only got better and better throughout the night.

Benatar, who was born Patricia Andrzejewski more than 44 years ago in Brooklyn, N.Y., is a four-time Grammy winner with six platinum and four gold albums under her belt.

Neil Giraldo - Benatar's husband, producer, songwriter and guitarist - also put on an impressive show Tuesday night. A 15-minute blues-tinged instrumental had concertgoers forgetting - or at least not caring - that the guy next to them had his elbow resting in their beer.

"Papa's Roses," which is off of Benatar's latest album, "Innamorata," was performed acoustically by the married duo and the crowd went wild, roaring its vociferous approval.

"This is the reason why we're here," Benatar roared right back to the crowd.

"She is just incredible," said Scoff Babinski, who plays with the local band Tin Pan Alley.

"And I don't think the crowd is that bad. To tell you the truth, I wish it would be this crowded when we play here this week."

Gibbons said that some concertgoers may have not realized what type of venue the concert would take place in and that because Tuesday's patrons were a little older than the usual crowds, perhaps they have yet to experience the type of concert atmosphere that is second-nature to today's twentysomethings.

"Unfortunately, we're a nightclub and we can't do seating," Gibbons said.

"When you have one floor, you're limited. For us to bring in Pat Benater, I think, was a great thing for Scranton."

The Morning Call, Saturday, Nov. 1, 1997

At Lupo's, Pat Benatar deftly sidesteps cliches

"I'm tired of doing one-hour sets, so get ready. We're gonna be here awhile," Pat Benatar told an enthusiastic capacity crowd of 600 Wednesday night at Lupo's in Bethlehem.

While the sentiment was something of a cliche, Benatar avoided turning her performance into one by not simply playing a laundry list of her hits.

In addition to workmanlike renditions of "Shadows of the Night," "We Belong," "Hell is for Children" and "Love Is A Battlefield," Benatar sang some obscure songs, including the rocking "Outlaw Blues," the jazzy "I Feel Lucky" (not the Mary Chapin Carpenter song) and the blues number "You Must Be Crazy."

Benatar also showcased several tracks from her new disc, "Innamorata"(CMC International), including "Only You," "River of Love" and the latest single, "Papa's Roses." Live, the songs sounded more vital than on record.

Not surprisingly, the audience responded more to Benatar's hits than her newer material. However, the crowd was surprisingly young, considering that Benatar's biggest hits were in the 1980s.

The diminutive 44-year-old singer's voice hasn't lost any power over the years. It was shown off to particularly good effect on tunes like the opening "Shadows of the Night," when Benatar's only accompaniment was husband, Neil Giraldo's acoustic guitar.

Giraldo's gradual switch in emphasis throughout the night from acoustic to electric guitar helped provide contrast to the songs: Benatar has such a powerful voice that she tended to belt out everything. It was unfortunate that little use was made of Allison Cornell's violin playing. Cornell also played keyboards (that usually could not be heard) and sang background vocals.

While no new ground was broken in Benatar's two-hour show, she and her band gave a solid performance. As long as rock radio continues to recycle her hits, Benatar likely will be able to play clubs like Lupo's as long as she wants.

-Dave Howell

After three summers as part of differently packaged classic-rock tours, Pat Benatar is stepping off the big stage for a more intimate one. Along with husband/guitarist Neil Geraldo, Benatar plans to spend six weeks on a club tour in support of her latest release,
Pat Benatar
Pat Benatar
Inamorata. "I love playing the big places, too, but that's a whole other thing," she told Wall of Sound. "I think because you start in the clubs, your whole idea of what you're doing kinda belongs there." Benatar, 44 and mother of two, is a bit wary of leaving her oldest daughter, 13, at home for the first time and plans to have her join the rest of the family on the road for half the tour. "She's pissed; she doesn't want to come out," the singer says. "She's in seventh grade, she wants to be with her friends."
-Mike Baker,

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